Gig 30 – The Lieblings, Elmu Bar Helsinki

Headliners for the night and also their album release party, it’s The Lieblings. It’s the second time in two weeks that I have seen the band play. Last week an intimate acoustic session, but for tonight it was a full on audio assault – real rock n roll.!

The band were defined enjoying their the spot light playing their new album “Let Them Have It”. And quite rightly so, it’s been a few years since their debut album.

I think the band can safely say the evening was a complete success, great music, great showing of fans who definitely appreciate the music.


Gig 27 – DF5K, Semi-Final Helsinki

Last gig if the night,phew… this was number 5.! DF5K are a band from Oulu (other end of Finland) and were playing Helsinki.

Really odd line up but it works. Their own description of music is (wait for it) cloud metal boyband in search of beauty. if that doesn’t get you interested I don’t know what will.

They had a good set, but it was a little disturbed when they had a small technical fault, which was a shame.

Loved the use of the backdrop to add emotion to the music.


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Gig 26 – Ghosts on TV, Semi-Final Helsinki

Just as well Tavastia and Semi-Final are part of the same building πŸ™‚ I was able to leave the previous gig and jump right into my mates Ghosts on TV in Semi-Final.

This was gig #4 for the day πŸ™‚ and we still had one more to go.!

This was the first outing of the year for the guys and girl of Ghosts on TV. The line up has changed as Reko is currently doing his national service with the army, in his place is the lead singer from Jeff, called Pinja πŸ™‚

Semi-Final suits these guys I think, its a club they fill with fans and I dunno, just suits them. I’ve seen the guys a number of times and they are getting better with every outing, more refined πŸ™‚

Tonight was going to be a good setlist as there was a promise of a few new tracks, but that was not going to be the only treat. When they played “What If”, which traditionally has a massive keyboard solo, I was thinking is Pinja going to be able to pull this off… when a short-haired version of Reko appeared and nailed his part.

The new songs that were same were: “Right Now We Think That We Can See Our Youth”, and a new song to end with “These Clouds Remind Me Of England”. The latter I can see one the guys could easily jam to as a closing track. Will it replace Swim.? Who knows…


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Gig 24 – Tom and his Computer, Tavastia Helsinki

Tavastia was host to two electro magians tonight, the first being Tom and his Computer. As support bands go sometimes they can be a bit hit or miss. Tom was one of the exceptions where you come away thinking “that was cool”.

As his name suggest he has a computer, but also at least four decks, mixer and a lot of twiddly knobs. You should check out his stuff out, there is a Soundcloud link at the bottom of the page.


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Gig 23 – The Lieblings, Levy kauppa Helsinki

Its always nice to see a band play an acoustic set, espicailly in a local record store.

Saturday was going to be a busy day with 5 gigs lined up, and The Lieblings were kicking the day off in Levy Kauppa in Helsinki supporting the launch of their new album – Let Them Have It.


This is their new album Let Them Have It, they kindly signed it πŸ™‚


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Gig 22 – Disco Ensemble, House of Rock Kouvola

Did I mention at how infectous I found Disco Ensemble when I saw them a few weeks back.?

After the Lunta Ilosaaressa festival, the guys embarked on a tour of Finland, catching all the major cities. I would have loved to see the guys play in my hometown, Helsinki. But their two dates clashed with other gigs and travelling to SXSW…

…so the only option was to drive out into the country to see the guys play in Kouvola.

The House of Rock is a decent venue, good sound, and for tonight it was not jammed.

I was in the front row losing my shit to a massive setlist of Disco Ensemble tracks.


The guys kindly signed the new album #Afterlife :-0


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